Sarah & Brad's Bethlehem PA Wedding

You guys, this wedding was something else. Let me tell you about how we know Sarah. Way back when, Andy, Sarah and I all had a photography class together in Florence, Italy. Sarah knew Andy, I knew Sarah, and one fine day, Sarah introduced us to each other. In addition to being beautiful and hilarious (a fantastic combination), Sarah is one of the most gracious, encouraging, and all-around amazing Christian women that I know. When Sarah and Brad asked us to photograph their wedding, we were completely elated. We love what we do, and as far as I'm concerned, there is no better way to attend a wedding. 

Sarah and Brad's wedding was this incredible celebration of their faith and their love for each other as they embarked on this journey together. This wedding was full to the brim - nope, overflowing - with joy. Brad and Sarah both have smiles that light up a room, and as you scroll through this blog post,  you'll see exactly what I mean. What a beautiful start to a marriage.

Congratulations, dear friends. 

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