I was about to make some lunch (a turkey, avocado, egg and cheddar sandwich with onion and mayo, if you must know) when I was distracted by this onion. Evidently, we haven't used our onions in timely manner - this onion was laying in the back of a wire basket with two other onion conspirators, making the best of their last days and trying their hardest to grow an onion army. I don't even know what this officially is - did the onion sprout? Is this where green onions come from? If I cut off the green part and plant it, will I grow more onions? You might be able to tell that my gardening knowledge is rudimentary at best. In fact, considering that most plants wither in the presence of my black thumbs, I feel almost proud...I almost grew something.  I just had to take a few photos before I finished making my sandwich. Which I did. It was tasty.

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