Engagement: Chris & Chrislyn

Chris and Chrislyn are perfect for each other. In addition to the catchy jingle of their names, they are both incredibly personable with great senses of humor. We first met Chrislyn almost a year ago through a community group at our church, and we have loved getting to know both her and Chris. Their wedding is in late June, and we are so excited for it! I know that Chrislyn will be a stunning bride and I might cry because I am a sucker for weddings, but there's more - they also are having Pappy's cater their wedding! Yum yum yum. For their engagement photos, we went to Tower Grove Park, a place that they frequently visited while dating. Then, we went downtown to find some more urban photos and stumbled on the front of a hotel that we thought was lovely. Being a fun and brave couple, they jumped up on the window sill and we were able to get some gorgeous shots. Such a fun day.